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  • Kashinath made a mark for himself

    January 20th, 2018adminArts, Culture & Entertainment
    Actor Kashinath. | Photo Credit: K. Bhagya Prakash

    Actor Kashinath. | Photo Credit: K. Bhagya Prakash

    Actor, director and producer K. Kashinath, 67, who was instrumental in changing the direction of Kannada cinema in the late ’70s, died on Thursday after a brief illness. In his four-decade career, Kashinath acted in over 40 films and directed 16. He was a rarity: besides directing, he wrote dialogues, songs, and even scripts. He was instrumental in the growth of several film-makers such as Upendra, Sunil Kumar Desai, music director Manohar, and he promoted actors Abhinaya, Umashree, Bank Janardhan, and Vanitha Vasu.

    In the late ’70s, when Kannada cinema was clearly demarcated as commercial and art, Kashinath created his own genre. He changed the perspective of a protagonist and anti-hero and carved a niche for himself. Besides mirroring the generation he was in, he spoke against social evils such as dowry often employing the double entendre. Many even accused him of damaging the image of Kannada film industry. Undeterred, Kashinath carved his own path and soon became a cult figure.

    Though he made his debut as a director in the comedy drama Aparoopada Athithigalu (1976), his talent came to the fore with Aparichita (1978), where new actors Shobha, Suresh Heblikar, M.V. Vasudeva Rao, Sundar Krishna Urs and Kokila Mohan made an entry. His landmark film Anubhava, starring Umashree (now Minister for Kannada and Culture) and Abhinaya created ripples for its content. Recently, speaking to the media, Kashinath had said: “Some were embarrassed, some criticised, while some secretly felt that Anubhava was their own experience.”

    He was working till the very last. In fact two days ago, he dubbed for his upcoming film Oll Munsami, directed by Anand Priya. His recent film Chouka was not only a box office hit, but also provided a new lease of life for Kashinath.

    Thousands of fans and political leaders paid their last respects. As Upendra put it, with Kashinath’s death, it is curtains to a glorious chapter in Kannada industry.

    source: / The Hindu / Home> News> States> Karnataka / by Muralidhara Khajane / Bengaluru – January 18th, 2018

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