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    Recipient of UN’s ‘Youth Courage Award for Education’ Ashwini Angadi during an interaction in Bagalkot on Friday

    Recipient of UN’s ‘Youth Courage Award for Education’ Ashwini Angadi during an interaction in Bagalkot on Friday

    Ashwini Angadi from Bellary district, who shared United Nations ‘Youth Courage Award for Education’ with Malala Yousufzai, stressed on the role of education in improving the lives of differently abled.

    Despite being born blind, she is a crusader for the welfare of the disabled. Angadi, who was in Bagalkot on Friday, interacted with journalists at Basaveshwara Science college. “I had heard of Malala, but had never seen her. I got an opportunity to meet her personally and share the dais with her at the award ceremony,” she gushed.

    Ashwini also recalled with gratitude Malala’s words to her: “You (Ashwini) are an inspiration for the whole world as despite your disability, you have been fighting for the betterment of the differently-abled.”

    That programme accorded me a platform to share my views with UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, Gorden Brown and other dignitaries, said Angadi.

    After the recognition, Angadi feels that her responsibilities have only increased but her feisty persona is determined to live beyond expectations. Angadi works as a national facilitator of the Bangalore-based NGO Leonard Cheshire Disability Centre and tours the country to motivate the differently-abled. Angadi said that she had met CM Siddaramaiah after receiving the award and he appreciated her cause.

    Prakash and Vedavati — Ashwini’s parents, CGC Chairman Ashok Sajjan, principal S C Danreddi and prof V S Katagihallimath were present.

    source: / The New Indian Express / Home> States> Karnataka / by Express News Service – Bangalore / August 10th, 2013

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    August 31st, 2013adminBusiness & Economy

    Mangalore :

    Corporation Bank will open nine more SME (small and medium enterprises) loan centres by the end of the current financial year.

    Inaugurating an SME expo in Mangalore on Saturday, B.K. Srivastav, Executive Director, said the bank has 16 SME loan centres across the country. The intention is to take the total number to 25 by March 2014.

    He said the bank is expecting not less than 30 per cent growth in the SME portfolio from these loan centres during the fiscal.

    Speaking on the occasion, Suresh Bhat, Director of Science and Technology Entrepreneurs’ Park (STEP) of the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), said banks should meet the financial requirements of budding entrepreneurs.

    Responding to this suggestion, Srivastav said Corporation Bank could enter into a tie-up with NITK-STEP to help entrepreneurs. If NITK-STEP mentors and supports the entrepreneurs, Corporation Bank could extend them financial assistance, he said.

    source: / Business Line / Home> Industry> Banking / by The Hindu Bureau / Mangalore – August 10th, 2013

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    Freedom fighter Huchcharayappa. (Express photo)

    Freedom fighter Huchcharayappa. (Express photo)

    He is 110 years old. But he is not tired of speaking about Mahatma Gandhi, the freedom struggle, his experiences in jail and the days when he was awarded the death penalty for killing government officials as part of the struggle.

    He considers Gandhi as god and sings ballads on him and other leaders.

    Freedom fighter Huchcharayappa from Esoor village in Shikaripur taluk, the first village in India to declare independence and form a local government in the 1940s, gets emotional when asked about the freedom movement. He has completed just his 3rd standard but speaks English, Hindi and Kannada fluently and recalls  each and every date.

    He lost his right eye after a policeman hit him during the struggle, but says, “I lost one eye. My friends lost their lives for our freedom.”

    As part of the Independence Day celebrations, Express spoke to Huchcharayappa. Some excerpts:

    “The Sahukar Basavanyappa family in Esoor had been supporting the freedom movement. Knowing this, the British set his house ablaze. It burned for weeks and was reduced to ashes. They raped women, robbed houses, assaulted people. When an inspector and Amaldar insulted freedom fighters, the fighters forced them to wear Gandhi topis. The police lathi-charged us and opened fire. Paniyappachar, Gurushantappa and Kenche Gowda were injured. The situation went out of control and the fighters killed the inspector and Amaldar. After this, the British exploited the villagers, including the women and children.”

    “The British deployed 500 men to quell protests. Many people escaped. I was arrested and put in Sagar jail. Some 22 fighters were given life imprisonment, while 11, including me, sentenced to death. But our advocates went to the High Court where six people were given death penalty and the rest life imprisonment. Judge Yarlu had pronounced the verdict on March 1, 1943. We were released on October 26, 1946,  as a daughter was born to the Mysore Maharaja.”

    ‘’When Gandhi visited Shimoga, I was young. We used to inspire others through ballads, songs and dramas. When Gandhi called for the Quit India movement, we declared Esoor independent. When Gandhi was shot dead, people, including women,  committed suicide as they considered him god.’’

    source: / The New Indian Express / Home>  States> Karnataka /  by Jagadeesh Sampalli / ENS – Shimoga / August 15th, 2013

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    August 29th, 2013adminBusiness & Economy

    Bangalore : 

    The Karnataka Small Scale Industries’ Association (Kassia) is to hold a three-day national small and medium enterprises (SME) convention in Bangalore.

    Kassia President B. P. Shashidhar said the convention, to be held in December, would discuss and have a dialogue with representatives of all the departments and associations of the 30 States.

    The convention would also provide a platform for the exchange of views and experiences in order to help individual industries. This would help in dealing with small industry promotion, he added.

    source: / Business Line / Home> Industry / by The Hindu Bureau / Bangalore – July 11th, 2013

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    Mumbai : 

    Jubilant Biosys , a Bengaluru-based subsidiary of Jubilant Life Sciences, today announced the USFDA acceptance of The Investigational New Drug (IND) filing for a novel molecule targeting prostate cancer.

    This molecule will now progress towards the next phase of development and is anticipated to go into clinical trials by late 2013, a company statement said here.

    (Jubilant Biosys, a Bengaluru-based…)

    (Jubilant Biosys, a Bengaluru-based…)

    “We are elated with this successful outcome, which is the result of excellent collaboration between the scientists at Endo and Jubilant Biosys. Being at the forefront of pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare innovation, Jubilant pursues its goal to enable affordable healthcare to patients worldwide,” President, Global Drug Discovery Services, Jubilant Life Sciences  SubirKumar Basak said.

    The multi-target oncology collaboration between Jubilant and Endo began four years ago, and is focused on developing best-in-class, differentiated therapies that address the unmet needs of cancer patients worldwide. The collaboration has delivered on multiple milestones across the discovery continuum.

    source: / The Economic Times / Home> Pharmaceuticals> Collections> Cancer Patients / by PTI / August 07th, 2013

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    The widely celebrated Edinburgh International Science Festival will be on from August 30 to September 8 at Bhartiya City.

    You may not be a surgeon, or a perfumer, or even a scientist; but here’s a chance to play one and have a gala time while you are at it. Come August 30, and the world’s largest science festival—Edinburgh International Science Festival (EISF)—will be in town.

    For the first time, this well-known science event will be held India in the form of EISF-India. Bangalore is hosting the EISF-India at Bhartiya City near Hebbal and the event will go on till September 8.

    According to the website, which has details on the ESIF-India, the crowd pullers at the show are expected to be the four engaging workshops—ER (Evergreen Room) Surgery, Splat-tastic, Pongy Potions and World of Bubbles—which promise to keep people of all ages, especially children, engrossed with almost real-life situations in the science and medical world.

    In the ER Surgery, visitors can actually go through all the steps of performing an emergency surgery in a simulated conditions on a ‘patient’ and actual surgeons will provide details on how to go about it.

    Splat-tastic will lure you to experiments involving the generation of slimes and learn about polymers, and also test the viscosity of your slimy creations on a ‘splat-o-meter’; while Pongy Potions will transform you into a chemist who can actually produce, say, perfumes on the go using a fair amount of chemistry.

    Children may get a real kick out of Bubble Magic, which involves creating various interesting shapes out of bubbles ranging from the tiniest of them to unbelievably huge ones.

    Over the past 25 years, the festival has been making science fun, exciting and engaging for young minds, EISF and Bhartiya City officials said.

    They have planned an array of interactive workshops, live shows and exhibits, besides a science circus, an international nature photo exhibition, forensic science experiments, illusion room, smoke bonanza and lego robosports, which will keep people belonging to all age groups enthralled.

    Eight of EISF’s specially trained science communicators will travel to Bangalore to deliver the workshops and train the local teams ahead of the event.

    EISF–India is being presented jointly with Bhartiya City, in association with Art Konnect and MyCity4Kids, and is being supported by the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund.

    According to EISF, the Bangalore event could be a starting point to create and develop more science festivals across the country over the next five years.

    Simon Gage, director and CEO, EISF, said: “This festival is a bold first step in our plans to present more work in India and to bring our science festival to a nation that is currently making incredible advances in science and technology.”

    Snehdeep Aggarwal, founder-chairman, Bhartiya City, said: “It (EISF’s foray into India) will engage our youth and spark their curiosity in science and technology.”

    source: / DNA / Home> Bangalore> Report / by DNA Correspondent / Place: Bangalore, Agency: DNA / Friday, August 09th, 2013

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    August 28th, 2013adminRecords, All, Sports


    Mysore :

    H.A. Nilasha. a V semester student (E & C) of SJCE College, has been selected to participate in the forthcoming World Speed Skating Championship, to be held at Ostende, Belgium from Aug. 22 to 31.

    Nilasha also took part in the Flanders Grand Prix Championship conducted at the same venue, which was held from Aug. 16 to 18.

    SJCE Principal Prof. B.G. Sangameshwara, management, staff and students of the college have wished her great success.

    source: / Star of Mysore / Home> Sports / August 22nd, 2013

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    Mysore  :

    A city-based mechanical engineer’s passion for outdoor adventures has led him to build a tent on the roof of his Chevrolet Tavera four-wheeler.

    C.S. Ramaswamy, the owner of Sumuki Associates which designs, develops and manufactures machinery and equipment at Lakshmipuram in city, says he always wanted to build a mobile shelter that was practical and affordable.

    When asked about what inspired him to build such an innovative equipment, he said that 25 years ago, a foreign magazine carried a photo of a jeep with camping equipments on the roof top and since then, it had become his dream to design a tent on the roof of his father’s Ambassador car. “Unfortunately my creation could not be mounted on it as the car was sold three months ago.” After this, it seems he decided to design the tent to be mounted on his Tavera.

    Recalling his inspiration for the mobile shelter, Ramaswamy said that years ago when he and his friends who were into photography and adventure went out, sometimes they would get stuck in the rain and since then he wanted to invent a mobile shelter.

    Ramaswamy began to work on a solution for this ‘rainy’ problem way back 1979 in his garage workshop set up at his residence by his encouraging father by tinkering with his father’s scooter, trying to change its body shape and improvise a shelter over the seats.

    Now speaking of his mountable tent, Ramaswamy said the tent is made of imported waterproof fabric measuring 8ftx8ft and weighing approximately 80 kgs. The tent also houses many essential camping accessories such as rocket stoves, chemical toilets, change room and compact showers. “In fact, it is a star mobile hotel room,” he says in delight. But he is not far from truth; this is indeed a luxury when out camping in a forest and all this right on top of one’s vehicle.

    Ramaswamy says this is a design he came up with after many tries and once he had the design in place, he single-handedly built the tent. “The work began in May and was completed in August of this year,” he said.

    He said that the tent can be custom-built for any car ranging from a SUV to even the most compact cars like Nano, albeit the smaller the roof, the lesser number of people it can accommodate.

    Ramaswamy feels his tent is a great solution especially for people who want to trek and travel in India where camp facilities do not exist. Also the fact that the tent can be set up in jiffy makes it even more practical. “The tent is easy to set up even in the dark, and can be easily folded back in the morning,” says Ramaswamy.

    These, he says, are not meant only for campers and adventurers. “It can be useful during disaster management and can also be used by the army, forest per- sonnel & security forces, site managers in remote areas, field scientists, outdoor shooting crew, media etc.” When asked about the cost involved in making the rooftop tent, he said that it cost him Rs. 52,000. Ramaswamy says he doesn’t plan to mass manufacture it but if any one wants one, he would build it for them. Interestingly, he has good hands to support him from his wife Savithri, his eldest son Shravan also a mechanical engineer and younger son Pranav an IP student at NIE. Looks like many more innovations may come out of this innovative family. Ramaswamy can be contacted on email-

    source: / Star of Mysore / Home> Feature Articles / by S. Kenneth Shishir / August 22nd, 2013

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    August 27th, 2013adminLeaders, Science & Technology
    (I dont believe in tomorrows. Ive always wanted to do everything right now. My motto has always been to fulfill all my ambitions so that I dont have any regrets left. Dr Sita Bhateja | GYNAECOLOGIST)

    (I dont believe in tomorrows. Ive always wanted to do everything right now. My motto has always been to fulfill all my ambitions so that I dont have any regrets left. Dr Sita Bhateja | GYNAECOLOGIST)

    Bangalore :

    At 85, Dr Sita Bhateja looks a sprightly 65 or so. Impeccably dressed, her bright eyes twinkle as she talks. In a career spanning over 60 years, she has helped deliver more than a lakh babies. And no, she’s not ready to remove those surgical gloves yet.

    “I don’t believe in tomorrows. I’ve always wanted to do everything right now. I’m spiritual, but I don’t think I’m coming back, so my motto has always been to fulfill all my ambitions so that I don’t have any regrets left,” she says.

    After a long career at Bangalore’s St Martha’s Hospital, where she started the obstetrics and gynecology department, she set up Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital 40 years ago. Today it’s a flourishing institution that believes in extending world-class healthcare to every citizen irrespective of their financial background. With a robust philanthropic wing that treats the underprivileged practically for free,

    The hospital is run as a non-profit one with the for-profit arm sustaining it. Till a few years ago, Dr Bhateja used to give up 50% of her own income towards its upkeep, but a charitable trust takes care of it now.

    “There is no difference in the care given to paying and non-paying patients. The same doctors see them and they are given access to the same beds and facilities,” says Bhateja. The ratio of privileged patients to poor ones is about 50:50, while the trust also runs the Sri Jetha Nand Hospital for the Poor, a 20-bed facility on the same premises. As part of its activities, the trust conducts free clinics in OBG, medicine, orthopedics and neurosurgery every week. Patients have to prove their eligibility for treatment under the charitable wing by providing a green card (BPL card) or a family income certificate issued by the local taluk office.

    Dr Bhateja’s day starts at about 8am and ends at 7pm – doing surgeries in the morning, seeing at least 50 patients daily and doing hospital rounds. At 85, where does she get all the energy from? “I’ve always been high on energy,” she says, smiling. “I don’t let my age bother me. If I did, I’d have to sit down. I don’t believe in rest and holidays,” she says, admitting that she’s taken all of two real ‘holidays’ in her life – once to Kashmir many years ago with her husband and three sons, and more recently, a holiday in Greece with her elder son. “I feel restless when I’m on holiday. I’m happiest while working,” she adds.

    That doesn’t mean she has no other interests. A passionate philatelist, Dr Bhateja’s enviable collection of rare stamps has been internationally recognized and won her won several awards in global philately contests. One of the rarest and most valuable stamps in her collection is an Indian stamp from 1854 with an inverted head of Queen Victoria. “There are only three square-cut stamps from this batch, of which only one is a used cover – which means it was actually used – and that belongs to my collection. Yes, it is the only one of its kind in the world,” she says with some pride.

    A home for kids too

    Dr Bhateja also started the Child Foundation, which runs a home for poor and abandoned children, where they have been fed and educated for free for the past 30 years. The foundation, started 30 years ago, runs a Kannada medium high school in Padmanabhanagar. The school is supported by the state government, which pays teachers’ salaries.

    Her prescription

    I don’t use cooking oil in my house. Food is cooked by sprinkling water on non-stick pans. The taste is just as good. I don’t eat anything made of maida and I rarely have rice. I have a lot of salads every day and eat one chappati at night. I also eat one carrot, one gooseberry and lots of spinach. No junk food, obviously – I’ve tasted pizza twice in my life. I don’t take any sugar in tea or coffee though I use honey to sweeten tea sometimes. Besides walking, I go to the gym four times a week and exercise for 45 minutes, making sure all the joints and muscles are active and supple.

    source: / The Times of India / Home> City> Bangalore> Charitable Trust / by Shrabonti Bagchi, TNN / August 12th, 2013

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    August 27th, 2013adminLeaders, Sports
    Syed Kirmani's Greatest Test XI hailing from Karnataka has Venkataraman Subramanya as captain while he picked himself as the wicket-keeper (Reuters)

    Syed Kirmani’s Greatest Test XI hailing from Karnataka has Venkataraman Subramanya as captain while he picked himself as the wicket-keeper (Reuters)

    Rahul Dravid and G R Vishwanath are among the 12 Karnataka players picked by former Indian wicketkeeper Syed Kirmani in his personal list of the state’s greatest ever in Test cricket.

    In his team, fast bowlers Javagal Srinath and Venkatesh Prasad would not find themselves playing in tandem in a match, but both have been included in the 12-member list.

    “I wouldn’t dream of not playing two legends Pras (EAS Prasanna) and Chandra (Bhagwat Chandrashekhar) in tandem in a match and hence will have no other option but to play either of the two fast bowlers (Sri or Venky) in a match,” he told PTI on the occasion of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) here today.

    Kirmani’s Greatest Test XI hailing from Karnataka has Venkataraman Subramanya as captain while he picked himself as the wicket-keeper.

    On Subramanya, Kirmani who played 88 Tests and claimed 160 catches and 38 stumpings, said, “If he wouldn’t have migrated overseas, I have no doubts he would have captained the Indian Test side.”

    Subramanya, a tall aggressive middle-order batsman and more than a useful legspin bowler, played Tests between 1965 and 1968.

    Against West Indies at Madras in 1966-67, Subramanya hit a breezy 61, treating Wesly Hall and Charlie Griffith with disdain. In all, he played nine Tests and scored 263 runs in fifteen innings with 75 as his career highest.

    On G R Vishwanath, Kirmani said he was a legend in the making right from his early days when he played for his state and the country.

    “He has a rare distinction of scoring debut centuries in Test and Ranji. He was brilliant, a legend in the making,” he said.

    In fact Vishwanath, who scored 14 Test centuries, considers his second innings knock of 137 on his Test debut at Kanpur in 1969-70 against Bill Lawry’s Australia as his best.

    source: / The Indian Express / Home / by PTI / Bangalore – Monday, August 12th, 2013

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