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    The National Outsourcing Association has presented Infosys and BT with the 2013 award for excellence in telecommunication, utilities and hi-tech outsourcing.

    The project has made it easier for BT’s 20,000-strong field engineers to work on the move and has led to significant productivity improvements.

    The solution addressed the inefficiencies and costs associated with traditional ways of coordinating, managing and tracking the workload of a mammoth field force.

    Infosys and BT collaborated to improve the field engineer’s experience and accelerated response rates by taking a transformational approach to field management.

    source: StockMarketWire / November 21st, 2013

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    November 30th, 2013adminBusiness & Economy, Leaders

    Major merchant bankers and MFs investing in oil firms likely to take part.


    To push the next round of the New Exploration Licensing Policy (Nelp) for the petroleum sector, minister M Veerappa Moily  will conduct an investors’ meet in Mumbai on Monday.

    He will have separate meetings with upstream companies, fund managers, rating agencies and media editors. Major merchant bankers and mutual funds investing in oil companies are also expected to take part in the conference.

    The 10th round, set to begin in January, would be the second highest offering of blocks since the advent of Nelp in 1999, with 86 blocks up for bids. Of the blocks being considered for offer, 25 are deep-water ones, 20 in shallow water and 23 are on land. Another 18 would be put for offer by March. The petroleum ministry says it has got initial clearances for 58 of these blocks from the environment and defence ministries. It has set up an experts’ committee on blocks that could face hurdles from the latter two.

    “The aim (of Monday’s meet) is to boost investor sentiment, especially in the upstream sector. It will also be a preparatory round for the next Nelp round,” Vivek Rae, petroleum secretary, told Business Standard.

    A senior official said, “Moily wants to create a positive mood among the investors, highlighting the steps being taken by the ministry.”

    During the previous nine rounds, the ministry awarded 254 blocks for exploration of oil and gas. However, the past few got minimal response from global majors. When asked about this, Debashish Mishra, senior director of Deloitte in India, said, “There seems to be disinterest among global investors. India was never known for having huge potential for oil and gas. Other than Bombay High and the recent discoveries in Barmer, there were no noteworthy discoveries. Promises of large gas finds have not met actual output.”

    The major roadblock in attracting foreign investors was related to lower potential on reserves, policy issues and delay in getting clearances, he said.

    source: / Business Standard / Home> Economy & Policy> News / by Shine Jacob / New Delhi – November 22nd, 2013

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    New Delhi:

    Eighty-year-old Prof. Chintamani Nagesha Ramachandra Rao has been chosen for India’s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna. The world renowned chemist was named for the top civilian award along with Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

    However, both Rao and Tendulkar share nothing in common. Sachin is a national sporting icon, India’s most famous Cricketer while Rao is an icon in the field of science, the most famous scientist of the country, a renowned Chemist in the World.

    A press release from the government of India describes CNR Rao as an eminent scientist and Sachin as an eminent sportsperson. It is a very banal description of the two geniuses.

    Unlike the Cricketers, scientists won’t retire. Sachin has got the highest honour, the day he has retired. Rao is still very much active. As they say “once a scientist, always a scientist”.

    It is sad that the entire focus is only on Sachin and not on CNR Rao. Unlike Cricket, the science is not flamboyant. Scientists spend most of their life in unglamorous environments away from limelight and people.

    The demand for Bharat Ratna for Sachin had been there for at least 6-7 years. It had polarized the public opinion. Cricket is a great entertainment. If the people from the field of entertainment can get Bharat Ratna, there is nothing wrong in Sachin also getting it. After all, he has entertained the Cricket lovers all over India for 24 years.

    Rao, a Kannadiga and Sachin, a Maharashtrian have got India’s highest civilian award together. After engineering genius Sir M Vishweshwaraiah and the Hindustani music great Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, CNR Rao is the third Kannadiga to get Bharat Ratna. Sachin is the 6th Maharashtrian to get the same honour.

    CNR Rao is undoubtedly a mega star among the scientists. His path breaking research in Nano science is a well known fact. His aversion to Information Technology (IT) is also a well known.

    Rao is an admirer of his home town Bangalore’s science city environment and its science city tag. He feels that the undue importance given to IT has killed other forms of science, mainly the scientific research. A few years ago speaking to ‘Outlook’ magazine he famously said “‘If IT Is Going To Take Away Our Values, Burn Bangalore, Burn IT. I am a real Bangalorean. I was born in Basavangudi. The greatness of Bangalore was that it allowed simplicity and enjoyment-a cup of coffee and a masala dosa at Vidyarthi Bhavan kept you happy. I don’t see that Bangalore anymore. It is now an awful city. There was more poetry and music here before the IT boom. The city we have created in recent years is rotten-highly polluted, garbage strewn everywhere, including the intellectual garbage dumped on this city by the IT industry”.

    Attacking modern icons of Bangalore, CNR Rao had said “Our society has created a bunch of icons and role models who are distorting not just the future of this city but of all India, and of our sense of values. Our people have lost respect for scholarship. Money and commerce has taken over. If IT is going to take away our basic values, then you can burn Bangalore and burn IT.”

    Rao is known for his outspokenness. He is not a typical scientist. He is a man of many interests. A lover of literature, music, Kannada language, history, cinema, pure science, Bangalore’s weather and of course research.

    He has been advocating more money and importance for the scientific research in India. Even at the age of 80, CNR Rao attends several seminars and symposiums stressing on the need for a scientific temperament. According to the people close to him, he works for more than 16 hours a day.

    Rao, who was born in Bangalore in 1934, has received more than 40 Honorary Doctorates from various prestigious Universities across the World. A world authority on structural Chemistry, Rao taught at the IIT Kanpur, Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc) Bangalore, Oxford, Cambridge and University California in an illustrious career spanning over 50 years. He is also the foremost solid state and materials chemists in the World. Author of over 45 books on science, Rao has held various prestigious government posts. He has been the chairman of Indian scientific advisory council to the Prime Minister since 2005. He earlier held the same position between 1985-89, when Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister.

    He has got almost all high honours within and outside the nation including Padma Vibhushan to Karnataka Ratna Awards. His name was nominated for the Nobel Award in Chemistry several times in the past. Circles and flyovers have been named after CNR Rao in Bangalore.

    Undoubtedly, CNR Rao has been one of the greatest scientists of our times and a true national icon. Good luck and best wishes to both CNR Rao and Sachin Tendulkar. Country is grateful to you.

    source: / IBN Live / Home> IBN Live> India / by DP Satish, CNN IBN / New Delhi – November 17th, 2013

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    November 29th, 2013adminEducation, Records, All, Science & Technology

    Off late, National Institute of Technology (Karnataka), Surathkal, is all set to protect the intellectual properties that have been originating in the institute. The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) cell set up in the institute will formulate its policy soon and thereafter will exclusively look into patenting the ideas and new technologies of the faculty and students of the institute, said NITK Director Prof Swapan Bhattacharya. He was speaking to media persons in the backdrop of the 11th annual convocation held at NITK campus in Surathkal on Saturday. 

    Prof M B Saidutta, who is in-charge of the IPR Cell explained that already six patent applications have been sent. These are from Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Communications and Chemistry departments. More students and faculty are preparing for patenting their intellectual properties, he said. To a query, he said that it was found that some new ideas or technologies that were originated at NITK Surathkal and put in public domain were patented by some others elsewhere. Also, off late, it has been realised that most of the innovations developed here have commercially high significance but unfortunately not capitalised, said Saidutta.

    He hinted that in many a cases, one’s ideas in public domain were patented by someone else.

    MoU with Michigan University

    Prof Swapan Bhattacharya briefed that as a part of the MoU NITK inked with Michigan State University, US, a host of facilities are made available. Conducting joint workshop in the field of fire safety construction technology is the significant one.

    The executive Vice President of the Graduates School of Sciences and Technology, Michigan University, Prof Satish Udupa who was the chief guest of the convocation said that post 9/11, the US has been brain storming on research activities on constructing fire resistant buildings. It has been found that the collapsed twin buildings of World Trade Centre was hardly fire resistant.

    Faculty exchange programme, sending under graduates of NITK to Michigan University on summer vacation with stipend, conducting joint research and development projects, organisation of international seminars, symposia at NITK are also planned as a part of MoU.

    The director said that as per the MoU signed with Larson and Toubro (L&T), 30 students will be admitted in NITK out of which 15 will be  L&T employees. All the study expenses will be borne by  L&T and the company will also absorb them after the successful completion of the course.

    ‘Wait for delayed gratification’

    The Executive Vice President of the Graduates School of Sciences and Technology, Michigan University, Prof Satish Udupa in his convocation address called upon students to overcome the temptation of instant gratification with delayed gratification. Instant gratification is for short term only. Delayed gratification will bring wonders in your professional and personal life.

    He also exhorted students to do their bit to balance the bridge between have’s and have not’s. There is nothing as wrong like the notion that a single person can not make a difference in society, he pointed. Later, at press meet,  Prof Udupa maintained that India has started focussing on research just five years back and it will take time to reap the benefits.

    At the convocation programme, NITK Surathkal Chairman Sushil Chandra Tripathi, Dean (Administration) Prof Suman David, Registrar K Ravindranath among others also spoke.

    source: / Deccan Herald / Home> District / DHNS / Surathkal – November 16th, 2013

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    November 28th, 2013adminSports, World Opinion

    Mysore :

    City skater, Benazir Meera, a 5th semester student of Electrical Engineering at GSSSIETW, Mysore, represented India in the Samsung ISU World Cup Short Track Championship (also a qualifier for the Winter Olympics) held between Nov. 7 and 11 at Torino, Italy. She has been coached by K. Srikantha Rao.

    Benazir Meera is the daughter of A. Mohammed Meera and Naheed Meera, residents of city.

    Benazir Meera had previously won the second place in National Short Track Speed Skating Fall/ Winter Ranking Competition held in Taipei Arena Annex Ice Rink in 2007 and represented India in 2008 at the same event.

    source: / Star of Mysore / Home> Sports News / November 22nd, 2013

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    November 28th, 2013adminScience & Technology
    (The next time you find your…)

    (The next time you find your…)

    Bangalore :

    The next time you find your favourite plants infested with pests or diseased, don’t lose heart. Technology will come to your rescue.

    Electronic Solutions Against Agricultural Pests (e-SAP), an innovative tablet device, promises to be of much help in the field of agriculture. It helps people get instant information about the kind of pest that’s ruining the plants, with suggestions on how to fight it.

    “The hand-held device is easy to use. Even a layman can navigate to find the problem in his crop. A single tablet costs Rs 25,000. Prices are likely to come down if there’s a large-scale demand,” said Nageshwar Rao of Tene Agricultural Solutions, Bangalore. The company provided a platform called Triptolemus for University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Raichur to design the tablet and hold its copyright.

    The device works on a web-based application system, which facilitates flow of information from the grower to the farm scientist at the click of a button. It also has a voice-based application that guides the farmer in the local dialect. The tablet can also recommend so lutions based on geography and agro-climatic con ditions of the area where the crop is being grown.

    Just a click away: As soon as you notice a pest in your garden or farm, capture images of the same using the device. “e-SAP captures high-quality images of pests and their symptoms, and then guides the user on how to identify them. It also provides instant solutions on how to get rid of them,” explained Rao.

    Following its first successful trial in Raichur, Tene Agricultural Solutions and UAS, Raichur have entered into an MOU to make e-SAP available to the larger market. “We have sent a proposal to the government to implement this solution in other states too,” said Rao.

    The other two prominent agriculture universities of Karnataka – Bangalore and Shimoga have decided to promote the green tab among farmers.

    source: / The Times of India / Home> Tech> Tech News> Hardware> Tablet / by Manu Aiyappa, TNN / November 18th, 2013

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    (Left)  Oxybar at Mall of Mysore. ( Right) Dr. Srikanth seen with a Oxygen dispensing machine.

    (Left) Oxybar at Mall of Mysore.
    ( Right) Dr. Srikanth seen with a Oxygen dispensing machine.

    by S.N. Venkatnag Sobers

    People often say they are stressed out or suffering from migraine or a hangover after a party. Such persons would be in need of fresh air to rejuvenate themselves and de-stress. There are many medicines available in the market which act as relieving agents. While some have positive results, there are a few that have side effects too.

    For those who have such hangovers or stress, a Mysore based doctor has all the solutions sans medicines. The Oxybar…now, don’t think that it is something related to alcohol, in fact, it is something which solves the issues related to alcohol.

    Everyone knows that oxygen is a lifesaving agent ever since man came into being. But, do you know that the oxygen we breathe has 21 percent concentration and the one given in hospital is 99 percent pure??? The Oxybar provides oxygen at 80 percent to 90 percent concentration using a portable Oxygen Concentrator. No cylinder or any hazards is involved in the process. The oxygen present in the atmosphere is sucked and concentrated by the machine.

    The Oxybar is the brain child of Dr. Srikanth, who is an Orthopaedic Surgeon at Nanjangud. He started the Oxybars about three years ago. He has also been manufacturing portable Oxygen cans and machines through his company G.S. Enterprises.

    Speaking to Star of Mysore, Dr. Srikanth said that the concept of Oxygen bar was not new as it was started by Japanese in 1996 after a research which found that oxygen given at a lesser concentration than that required for the patient, helps detoxify the body and boost stamina.

    According to Dr. Srikanth, oxygen at this concentration helps boost stamina and increase strength in athletes, improves memory and concentration for children during exams, relieves stress and fatigue among professionals, provide a sound sleep & prevent snoring, improves and productivity of the labourers, relieves migraine and cleanses the body through detoxification and rejuvenation.

    The Process

    It takes just a few minutes to get relieved from all pollution, stress and fatigue through oxygen which is delivered with a nasal cannula in a flavour of your choice. The aroma therapy is given different flavours. The aroma is mixed with oxygen as the effect is more before it is given to the customer. Each flavour has its own relevance.

    Flavours: Vanilla flavour for slimming, Lemon for mood swings, Orange for body ache, Peppermint for hangover, Lavender for rejuvenation, Basil for migraine , Eucalyptus for sinusitis, Block Nose and Arthritis, Ylang Ylang for sexual libido. Aroma therapy is also available in cocktail of flavours. Currently, the company is charging Rs. 50 for a five-minutes session.

    The Oxybar machines are installed in various clubs, pubs, spas, resorts, clinics, hospitals, gyms and even at homes for personal use. The machines are available in variety of designs and are also customised as per the requirement of each customer.

    Dr. Srikanth has also come out with portable Oxygen cans which can be used during hiking, mountaineering and long distance travelling.

    “Oxygen Cans given best results when used with aroma-chew, aromatic powder which are available in sachets in different flavours. By using it, one can feel immediate boost of energy and alertness, which is beneficial during long drives in the night,” said Dr. Srikanth.

    Oxybars outlets are available on Kalidasa Road and Mall of Mysore in Mysore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Philippines, Singapore and UAE with franchises at Hyderabad, Nasik, New Delhi and other cities in the country.

    Dr. Srikanth has also invented a Naval Brush. The brush is used to clean the naval to avoid infections. “The naval, commonly known as Belly Button, is one of the sensitive parts of the body which has high risk of infection. Umbilical region needs to be kept clean for the various reasons mentioned above, and using proper instruments. The necessity is for a properly designed, adequately aligned and flexible brush with a globular head and nylon bristled tip to cater to the needs of the masses, giving rise to cleaner and healthier people,” he added.

    Ozone Therapy

    Dr. Srikanth is also an expert in the Ozone therapy. Ozone is provided as a gas, which reacts with water and dehydrates the area it is pointed at. Ozone injections given to the fat layer, shrinks the fat cell making it easy to come out of the body through sweat. It helps clear a non healing diabetic or neuropathic foot ulcer by a superficial method called bagging. Also helps in anti-aging, rejuvenation and detoxification purposes due to its scavenger free radical methodology.

    Dr. Srikanth also conducts training workshops for doctors in various parts of India in association with Ozone Forum of India. Dr. Srikanth can be contacted at his hospital in Nanjangud with consultations at Adithya Clinic, Kalidasa Road in Mysore and CRMC at Infantry Road in Bangalore.

    For appointments and details, contact Mob: 98865- 33345.

    source: / Star of Mysore / Home> Feature Articles / by S. N. Venkatnag Sobers  / November 22nd, 2013

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    November 27th, 2013adminArts, Culture & Entertainment, Sports

    Bangalore :

    A mother’s wish to meet Sachin Tendulkar ended in the entire Indian team snacking at a modest house in Hubli at an impromptu get-together.

    Former India ‘A’ and Karnataka stumper Avinash Vaidya was keen that his mother Meenaxi Vaidya had a glimpse of Sachin Tendulkar when he played a benefit match in Hubli on June 4, 1997.

    “Since it was a once-in-a life time opportunity for anybody from my region to meet cricket stars, my mother expressed desire to have a glimpse of India’s favourite son,” Vaidya told TOI. “She came to the stadium to watch the match, but returned due to the rush. The stadium was packed beyond its capacity. I was keeping wickets, while Sachin was blazing his way to a big innings. During the drinks break, I was told my mother had gone home. I asked Sachin if I could get my mother to the hotel lobby to meet him.”

    Sachin didn’t say much then. He was about to retire from the game after scoring a century and ready to return to the hotel. He asked Vaidya to give him a call after the game.

    “I was pleasantly shocked when he told me it wouldn’t look nice asking my mother to come to meet him. ‘Instead, why don’t we go to your home?’ he asked. I was stumped as it wouldn’t have been fair to take Sachin alone as I was good friends with others — Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman , Saba Karim, Atul Bedade, Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Venkatesh Prasad, Sunil Joshi and Sujith Somasundar. The team comprised 15-18 players and I invited everyone home without even thinking how I was going to accommodate them in our humble 12ftx10ft hall,” said Vaidya, recalling those days.

    ‘The moment lingered long after Sachin left’

    Even as the convoy set out from the hotel to our home at Hemanth Nagar, Keshavapur, a distance of about 3km, my brother borrowed a few chairs from our neighbours even as our friend at Woodlands managed to prepare uppittu and shira for our guests,” said Vaidya.

    Curious onlookers and fans followed the bus to Vaidya’s home around 5.30pm, with police forming a tight ring of security around the players.

    “Sachin was relaxed as he happily chatted with my family. He enjoyed the uppittu and chutney pudi the most. We were transfixed as he spent around one hour with us. When it was time for a photo session, Sachin grabbed a chair and ensured my mother was seated. “I’d rather stand,” he said. When she thanked him for the visit, he said, “Maaji, aap baas hamey ashirwad deejiye.”

    My mother was emotional as she wished him well. The moment lingered long after Sachin and others left.”

    On another occasion, Vaidya’s son Anmol, who was five years old then, was so thrilled at getting Sachin’s autograph that he wanted to reciprocate by signing one. “Sachin coolly offered his palm and let my son scribble on it,” says Vaidya.

    Vaidya’s association with Sachin was limited to his playing days in the Challenger Trophy and a Duleep Trophy game at Rajkot in the 1993-94 season. “I spent long hours at the crease in both innings to get chatting with Sachin. Since then, he has always been cordial and never failed to acknowledge me at any gathering. It’s this humility that has endeared him to millions. I’m touched and lucky to be one of them,” says Vaidya.

    source: / The Times of India / Home> City> Bangalore> Rahul Dravid / by V Narayan Swamy, TNN / November 09th, 2013

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    The state government has decided to conduct the three day Hampi Utsav-2014 from January 10. Speaking to reporters here on Friday, minister of state for labour P.T. Parameshwar Naik, who is also in-charge minister for Bellary district said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will inaugurate Hampi Utsav.

    Tourism minister R.V. Despande and Mandya Lok Sabha member Ramya will be the chief guests at the programme. Since former deputy chief minister M.P. Prakash had started Hampi Utsav, the government has decided to  honor his wife Rudramma on the occasion.

    Naik also announced that the government is committed to pay minimum wages to garment factory workers. At present, the government has fixed the minimum wage at Rs 4700, but due to the increase in the price index, it has been decided to raise the minimum wage for garment factory workers, Naik said.

    source: / Deccan Chronicle / Home> News> Current Affairs / DC / November 09th, 2013

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    The Infosys Science Foundation on Tuesday announced the winners of the Infosys Prize 2013 across six categories: Engineering & Computer Science, Humanities, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences.


    The winners were recognised for their outstanding achievements and contributions to scientific research. The Infosys Science Foundation also announced an increase in the prize purse by Rs 5 lakh to Rs 55 lakh for each category for 2013. The prize for the humanities category will be split equally between the two winners.

    Prize winners include, Ramgopal Rao from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai in Engineering and Computer Science; Nayanjot Lahiri, Professor – Department of History, University of Delhi in Archaeology; Ayesha Kidwai, Professor – Centre for Linguistics, School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University in Linguistics.

    Rajesh Gokhale, Director, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, New Delhi in Life Sciences; Rahul Pandharipande, Professor – Department of Mathematics, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Zürich (ETH Zurich) in Mathematical Sciences; Shiraz Naval Minwalla, Professor – Department of Theoretical Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Physical Sciences; and Aninhalli R Vasavi, Senior Fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library in Social Sciences.

    Member of Infosys Board Srinath Batni said, “Continuing its efforts to encourage and attract young minds towards science and research in the country, the Foundation has decided to increase the prize money from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 55 lakh with an aim to build a strong future in science, mathematics and humanities.”

    The seven winners were chosen based on significant progress showcased in their chosen spheres, as well as for the impact their research will have on the specific field.

    In addition to the prize purse, each category award includes a gold medallion and a citation certificate. The winners of the Infosys Prize 2013 were evaluated by a panel of jurors comprising eminent scientists and professors from around the world.

    source: / Deccan Herald / Home> Business / DHNS / Bangalore – November 12th, 2013

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