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    “A hundred thousand years ago Bangalore was a village. It has been in existence since 900AD. In the 13th century in the Tamil inscriptions at the Someshwara temple, the city is mentioned as ‘Vengaluru’. After Kempegowda the chieftain of Yelahanka Nadu a feudatory of the Vijayanagara Empire founded this city, he named it as Bengalooru and made it the capital.” said professor Devara Kondaiah Reddy.

    He was speaking at the lecture, ‘Future Vision of Kempegowda on Growth of Bangalore city,’ organised by the Institution of Engineers, Karnataka State Centre in association with The Institution of Valuers, Bangalore branch. The lecture covered the story of Bangalore’s development as a trade centre and also threw light on the many invasions the city saw, due to its location and resources.

    “From the 15th century Bangalore became a trade centre attracting many people from the surrounding areas. People from Hikari and Mysore came to Bangalore to do their business. Kempegowda then built many tanks in the city some which even exist today, so that these people could live here and use water for everyday purposes. Also he built four towers to mark the boundaries of the city. Further he constructed many roads like the one from Shivagange to connect the city. Vijayanagar dynasty was prosperous because they emphasised on trading,” professor Reddy further added.


    The city developed each time new invaders conquered it. After Kempegowda there were many invasions. “At the time of Tipu he invited many people for trading purposes as well. He built an army training centre and also dealt with the trading of silk in a big way. He further developed the city. He encouraged people to engage in business and network through different cities,” said Reddy.

    Bangalore as a city that we know today still remains a trading hub. One of the primary reasons for that is  the city retains a majority of its historic significance and speaks volumes about the its rulers.

    “Bangalore is not like any other city in the country. A look around the city will give you a glimpse of its iconic past. When the British invaded and defeated Tipu, they built the Cantonment area which still exits. The British wanted to further modernise the city and connect it through railways,” Reddy explained. He maintains that Bangalore which is now called Bengaluru attracted the many invaders because Kempegowda found the city’s potential and enhanced it further.

    “The primary reason that prompted people to come to  Bangalore was the amenities built and explored by Kempegowda. It was during his time that the city came into existence,” he said.

    source: / Express News Service / May 14th, 2011


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